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At China CNC Precision Machining, we build long term relationships with our China suppliers and manufacturers, working with them to improve their manufacturing processes, and increasing the benefits our customers are expecting.  To ensure that China CNC Precision Machining maintain the exceptional standards of service, and high quality, expected by our customers for their manufacturing requirements in China, we ensure that we source a Partner which is best suited to the customer’s products and components.

All factories have a minimum accreditation of ISO 9001:2008, with some having TS16949:2009 and adhere to the Social Accountability Standard SA8000.  In addition, all factories must have English speaking sales persons and engineers, and be able to provide all documentation in English.  China CNC Precision Machining also ensure full audits are carried out on any new suppliers found.

We also ensure that the facilities used in our Chinese Suppliers for Product, component and tooling designs are modern and the most state of the art to ensure the best quality.

Where possible, we try to use  European quality materials and to ensure the products and components are similar to those that would be purchased in the UK by our customers.  All of our factory workers are highly skilled and trained in the most modern techniques for their processes.

China CNC Precision Machining also offer other processes such as Plastic Injection Moulding, magnesium and zinc die casting, pressing and tooling, Electronic assembly including coil winding and Cable Harness manufacture..

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Our assembly and inspection facilities are top of the range to ensure the best quality assurance for each product, tooling or component we manufacture.

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