Quality Assurance.

At China CNC Precision Machining, we pride ourselves on our performance record and being an essential part of our customer’s outsourcing strategy. All our Suppliers provide a trustworthy and reliable service and therefore provide our customers with the Quality Assurance they would expect.

The Quality Assurance requirements for each part or project will be generated by UK Engineers and will become an integral part and practice working with our Chinese Partners.  All aspects of the quality requirements will be agreed on site with the english speaking supplier engineers, prior to the order commencing, and at this point, all reporting documentation will be available to the customer.  In addition, we will work with our customer on continuous improvement programs.

The documentation will be taylor made to our customer’s requirements.

Our Quality system provides the customer with confidence that the goods they will receive conform to the quality requirements they expect, and therefore every Chinese supplier has to maintain their ISO9001:2008 accreditation, but must also adhere to the Social Accountability Standard of SA8000.

Specific Quality documentation may include the following:

                                • Full PPAP documentation (TS16949 Customers)
                                • ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Reports)
                                • Material Certification
                                • C of C (Certificate of Conformity)
                                • Certificate of Compliance
                                • RoHS Certification
                                • Control Plan
                              • Statistical Process Control (SPC)

With the measurement report, a sample of the measured part will be identified, and provided to the supplier for acceptance, should he require this.

The Quality Management System of our Chinese partners are audited by UK Auditors on a regular basis, ensuring that the suppliers accreditation’s are current and their accreditation is being maintained.  Customer quality audits can also be arranged with our partners.

Documentation will be agreed with the supplier and provided without extra cost.  Samples may be charged at extra cost, dependant on complexity.

In addition, China CNC Precision Machining offer Full Life Cycle testing and Environmental testing for all customers, if so required, but the costs would be extra.

Please contact us today to discuss your Quality needs for Potential Enquiries

Mail:  info@chinacnc.co.uk or

Tel: +44 (0) 1772 460104

In addition to the above controls, all orders are checked on site at the supplier prior to shipment to the UK by Qualified UK staff, therefore enabling the customer have peace of mind on quality prior to the goods arriving at their factory.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

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